‘OUTCASTS’ DarcSpace, Dublin, July 2014

Paul McCarthy and Aoife Murphy, Photographers in collaboration with A2 Architects

Outcasts was exhibited at Darcspace Gallery, 26 North Great Georges Street 
Dublin 1, from 3rd July to 18th July 2014 as part PhotoIreland Festival. There are estimated to be around 700 outdoor alleys in Ireland, though this number is in decline due to demolition. The project has different ideas behind it. On the one hand it documents social and architectural history and its imprint on the Irish landscape. Its other motivation is more conceptual – by expressing their forms through a typological series of photographs we come to look at these structures as strangely remote, anonymous sculptures. The architectural models accompanying this exhibition by A2 Architects attempt to distill the provocative nature of the form, siting and making of these alleys in their often unexpected contexts.