Broombridge Campus, Technical University Dublin

A2 Architects won the commission through a limited competition for carrying out this feasibility study for TU Dublin at Broombridge Campus in Cabra. This study was completed in October 2018. The brief set by the DIT Strategic Plan was to provide a distinctive, high quality, experiential student experience with flexibility & diversity in provision to provide a range of learning opportunities and address regional skills needs through research and innovation. The new campus at Broombridge will provide recreational and educational facilities for DIT Community, students and staff including sports facilities, social areas and educational spaces for ‘design & build’ activities for the delivery of applied learning, innovation, enterprise and research education and training. A2 Architects’ architectural strategy can be described in a number of intelligent moves:

  • Increase connectivity and renew the relationship of the proposed complex to LUAS stop at Broombridge by making a new paved entrance space with attractive soft landscaping, bicycle parking and car parking for up to 60no. cars as well as multiple coaches;
  • Create a front forecourt that is a place of making, experiment and innovation for 1:1 workshop prototyping;
  • Unite the existing buildings under one roof to give the proposed building a clear identity;
  • Manipulate the new roof profile to allow for a series of serrated north-facing roof lights as well as a solar PV farm that maximizes the energy potential of the new building. Rainwater is also to be harvested off the roof to allow the greywater to be used for toilets;
  • Invigorate the front facade by adding a new bay of covered external space that allows the users of the building to take advantage of useful external space;
  • Make a larch timber facade that exploits the full potential of Irish timber and emerging timber building technology in Ireland;
  • Use the most up-to-date cladding materials that allow the building to be an exemplar in near-zero energy consumption.