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September 2021

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Red oxide corrugated sheeting nears completion to pyramidal roof of Beechville Gate Lodge, Co. Meath. An external covered terrace beneath the roof is made to each of the four corners of the lodge.

Cellars, Limerick

August 2021

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A2 are invited by Open House Limerick to contribute two 30-minute films to the forthcoming Open House Limerick Festival produced by Shane Serrano of Crude Media – one on St. Mary’s Girls Primary School in King’s Island and the other on Limerick City’s physical underbelly – the cellars, vaults and culverts of Newtown Pery. The Festival will be launching in late October 2021.


July 2021

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The timber tented shell of Beechville Gate Lodge, Co. Meath is completed. A central square oculus is placed over a circular void to the mezzanine level over a cruciform plan layout beneath.


June 2021

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Five up-lit pinwheel tables made of oriented strand board and painted in a multi-coloured triangular pattern makes the stage for ‘Jellyburbs’ as part of South and Proud festival for young children aged 3 years old to 6 years old in Southill Limerick City. Children are invited to reimagine the future of public space and living space in Southill through jelly. The festival was sponsored by The Gaff, Limerick and The Arts Council. Opalescent perspex kindly sponsored by GBM Limerick. Manufacture by Michael McLaughlin of Limodo. Big thanks to Dáire English, Anna Fagan and David Cooney for their energy and enthusiasm throughout the installation and childrens’ workshops.


May 2021

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Hehir’s Cottage, a byre dwelling on Scattery Island, Co. Clare is completed for the OPW. The rubble stone cottages are shelter-coated with lime and lime-washed. Red oxide corrugated roofing and fairfaced insitu concrete barges are renewed.

House of Commons

April 2021

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‘House of Commons’, published in The Irish Times, is an invited response to the Outdoor Public Space Scheme from the Arts Department, offers up to €250,000 each to local authorities to create spaces where outdoor events can take place. Our proposal chooses to spread the budget across up to 20 sites across each local authority so that the message is diffused as widely as possible into communities. Our response is a call to hands, arms and legs for local authorities and communities to mutually think about performance – environmental performance as well as community performance. The proposed setting is any green communal space in a housing estate. By not cutting grass in the communal area of a housing estate this spring and summer, the community can create clearings of varying sizes and uses by then mowing shapes and paths. Paired with this larger scale of selective grass clearing, we propose a compact, cost-effective pod named ‘House of Commons’ to be located at the edge of grass clearing and accessible to all in the housing estate. Entrusted by the local authority to the local community, a 4metre x 4metre timber pod in four equal quadrants of varying heights. The pod offers a combination of uses and functions: a community bench area at 450mm height, a raised planter box at 900mm height, composting lidded bins for organic waste / cut grass at 1500mm height topped with a beehive and lastly a sedum-roofed tool shed powered by a solar panel that is linked to a storage battery to charge a community-owned strimming machine and lawnmower at 2100mm in height.


March 2021

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A2 are delighted to be appointed by The National Monuments of Ireland as architects for the proposed enclosure for the Turoe Stone, Co. Galway. Dating from the period 100B.C to 100 A.D., the Turoe Stone is a glacial erratic (H 1.2m) shaped into a flattened cylinder
with a domed top. Its upper body is covered with a well-preserved quadripartite arrangement of three-plane curvilinear ornament of La Tène style and bounded below by a horizontal band of incised step-pattern. The proposed glazed enclosure is sheltered by a table-like corten steel structure of three piers supporting a circular roof disc with an oculus at its centre.


February 2021

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A courtyard house in Kilkenny nears completion. A fair-faced concrete ring beam rests on a long stone wall that leads to an entrance courtyard. From here one enters a central roof-lit hall space that pinwheels in four directions towards glazed living areas with external terraces that look onto walled garden spaces. A stairs leads to the first floor and bathroom that enjoy distant views beyond.


January 2021

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A2 are delighted to be nominated for the EU Mies Award 2022 for House at Sky Road, Clifden Co. Galway. This is our third time being nominated for this international award, previously for Folding House, Mardyke, Cork City in 2017 and for Pulp Press, Kistefos, Norway in 2015.