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March 2019

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Aerial view of Rapid Delivery Housing, George’s Place, Dún Laoghaire looking towards Howth. DLR Architects: Design, A2 Architects: Detail Design & Enabling.


January 2019

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Sallynoggin Community + Senior Centre for Dún Laoghaire Rathdown County Council reaches completion. The centre includes a community hall, administration, kitchen and ancillary space. A south-facing event terrace as well as an allotment garden, bicycle parking universal access car parking are also provided.

venividiphoto_A2 Architects_Canteen_21_WEB

December 2018

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A2 close 2018 with one of our small favourites of the year, CANTEEN, a discreet ground floor cafe in a gabled end-of-terrace house in the heart of Georgian Limerick. Furniture and fittings are singularly fashioned from formwork shuttering plywood. It always helps when the coffee and breakfasts are exquisite!

George's Place

November 2018

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Rapid Delivery Housing, George’s Place, Dún Laoghaire was one of four finalists in the SEAI Sustainable Energy Awards 2018. Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council’s objective is to meet energy and climate change targets and to positively influence energy efficiency within the administrative area of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown. The public housing at Georges Place includes 12 high quality 2 bed dwellings completed under a new rapid delivery work programme, achieving the highest environmental standards with a BER of A1.

Final Model_Oblique View of Roof and Front Space

October 2018

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A2 are delighted to be working with Dublin Institute of Technology on their new Broombridge Campus. The new campus will provide recreational and educational facilities for DIT Community, students and staff including sports facilities, social areas and educational spaces for design & build activities for the delivery of applied learning, innovation, enterprise and research education and training.

The architectural strategy is to create a front forecourt that is a place of making, experiment and innovation for 1:1 workshop prototyping; unite the existing buildings under one roof to give the proposed building a clear identity; manipulate the new roof profile to allow for a series of serrated north-facing roof lights as well as a solar PV farm that maximises the energy potential of the new building – rainwater is also to be harvested off the roof to allow the grey water to be used for toilets; invigorate the front facade by adding a new bay of covered external space that allows the users of the building to take advantage of useful external space; make a larch timber facade that exploits the full potential of Irish timber and emerging timber building technology in Ireland;

Sky Road Photo

September 2018

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House at Sky Road, Clifden, Co. Galway is completed. The house, at the head of a valley, bridges one side of the site to the other with a 42 metre long fair-faced concrete beam that spans from a bedroom wing to a utility wing, thus generating an open-plan kitchen living dining space that enjoys uninterrupted views of the valley and sea beyond.

1353-01A LWR DLR TO SEA copy

August 2018

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Rapid Delivery Housing at George’s Place, Dun Laoghaire are completed (DLR Architects Dept.: Design Architects / A2 Architects: Enabling Architects – Detail Design to Completion / Main Contractor: SISK Living / Photography: Marie-Louise Halpenny) The housing will form part of Open House Dublin this coming October 12th-14th.

Photo 1_DLR Red Jetty_PUBLICITY_A2 Architects and Alan Meredith Studio in collaboration with DLR Architects Dept. and DLR Parks Dept._Marie Louise Halpenny Photographer

July 2018

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DLR Red Jetty is the winner of ‘Best Public Space’ for 2018 at the RIAI Irish Architecture Awards. A2 previously won ‘Best Public Space’ for 2014 with Granby Park in Dublin City Centre.

The jetty is currently located in Bracken Road in Sandyford Industrial Estate and will return to DLR LexIcon Moran Park later this Autumn for children’s workshops as part of Open House Dublin (12th-14th October)

PROJECT TEAM: A2 Architects + Alan Meredith Studio
CLIENT: DLR Architects Dept. and DLR Parks Dept, Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council supported by Creative Ireland


June 2018

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Odyssey : Oiza / Oteiza, A2’s installation in ‘Close Encounter – Meetings with Remarkable Buildings’at Venice Architecture Biennale 2018.

A2 were one of sixteen Irish practices invited to participate in this exhibition by the Curators Grafton Architects. Our proposal is an abstracted representation of the Fundación Oteiza in Alzuzu, Navarra, Spain – a building that A2 were nominated. Our proposal is the outcome of an iterative exploration of the shared work of architect Javier Sáenz De Oíza and sculptor Jorge Oteiza.

Our process began with a painting Oteiza frequently referenced, ‘The Battle of San Romano’ by Paulo Uccello c.1435-1460, where a shielded contender is placed within an epic landscape of travel and metaphysics. The portrait contains many themes: covering, lines, journey, metaphysics, destiny, arms, contest, action and narrative.

A series of model studies of Oteiza’s work followed – a taxonomy of Oteiza’s quest to render visible emptiness – empty space. Oteiza sets out to make these sharp and silent, vigilant and empty. A suite of 15 models are contained within the installation to illustrate this quest. In their successive states they can be seen to mutate with absolute autonomy, like an animate being. Theses works are living artefacts; protective and defensive instruments. In parallel with this A2 were concerned with how Oíza controls light to form atmosphere; how he sets up relationships with Oteiza’s work and how he guides movement.

A2 propose a fundamentally spatial and energetic artifact that has darkness and mystery at its core. We wish to explore this circulatory or in-between space of the foundation building – indirect light, inclined ramped circulation; central darkness of the Main Hall; and finally inclined roof-lit galleries above. To make this manifest, we propose to enclose an ‘external dark space’ within an inside layered space to explore the gap between, thickness, depth and intimacy.